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Our Mission

We help leaders and change-makers
create a better world through writing

the stories they were born to share--
stories of endurance and resilience,
transformation and empowerment.


Our Vision Is . . .

Colleagues Working Together

We write to explore and uncover

the gems of significant life-changing

and transformational events. We write

to share our truth and offer our story as a gift


Asian man relax in the holiday. Study read a book. Read a book In the garden on the Moutai

We share our stories to contribute to the betterment of the world. When we face change, challenges, injustices and failure with a growth-mindset, we learn lessons and gain new insights and wisdom. We become more than we ever imagined. We make something of our souls. 

Calm Woman
A Man and a Woman working together
A Man and a Woman working together

Rather than an overly individualistic perception, we view our life experiences

as part of a bigger collective story.  We write to explore how to break patterns of dysfunction, disunity and exclusion; to focus on possibilities—new narratives, new ideas, and new ways of being. 

A Woman Writing by the Window

Ground-breaking practices enable us to listen to the songs of the spirit, honor our intuition,  explore the wide range of our voices, unravel complexities, uncover treasures, and write our authentic stories. 

A Woman Writing by the Window
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