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Book Writing Program

We support individuals to write their stories of growth and empowerment to meet the urgent needs for personal and collective awakening and transformation. 

For the past three decades, I've guided over 2,000 individuals--health and wellness professionals, changemakers and peacemakers, spiritual warriors who have transformed their suffering into service, and young adults who are striving to create lives of service.


I'm passionate about the intersectionality of personal and social challenges and the power of writing to connect hearts and minds, provide meaning to our difficulties, and uncover new truths and solutions to unite our divided world. 


Your story is your legacy. Are you ready to receive the support you deserve to write your story of transformation and empowerment?

What's unique about our writing program?


We use a holistic approach to writing.


We emphasize feminine ideal and powers, especially in the developmental stages of the writing process.


We provide generative and expansive, rather than constructive and prescriptive feedback.


We disrupt the sneaky ways that the traditional writing process can silence us.


We learn to lean into and soften around the obstacles and barriers that present themselves.


We embrace and explore the complexities of the human condition.


We value curiosity, wonder and not knowing as entry points to powerful writing.


We engage in an ongoing process of expanding our understanding and practice of the craft.


We offer a twelve-month in-depth program, not a drive through type of experience.


We believe our personal stories of transformation contribute to the betterment of the world.


Course Modules

Take a deep dive into the following topics


A Whole You, A Whole Approach

This module will explore the complexities of truth-telling and how to shift from mind-dominated to mind-body-spirit practices.


Imagery: Embrace the Sensory

This module will explore the power of images and sensory details, portals to great writing and a way to embody memory.

Hisma Desert – NEOM, Saudi Arabia_edited.jpg


Storytelling Challenges

This module will explore the importance of the setting and sensory details, characters and their conflicts. We will learn about the differences and similarities between writing scenes, summaries, and reflections.



Trials, Turning Points & Transformations

This module will explore the power of transforming an old narrative about a trial into an empowered narrative.

Rocks of Balance


Voice & Visibility

This module will examine the voice of innocence, the voice of experience, and the challenges of freeing our voices and making our stories visible.



Purpose & Focus

This module will support us in shifting from imposing a purpose and focus onto our stories to discovering the deeper why and centre of our story that contemplative practices, our holistic writing process and collaboration reveal.

Modern Architecture


Architecture: Traditional, Contemporary, Hybrid

This module will provide ideas on how to structure and organize your story. While traditional forms serve many writers, contemporary and hybrid forms provide new possibilities for writers.



Themes that Unite Us

This module will explore the value of our story's themes -- the universal message that emerges from our personal experiences and connects us to the larger human story.

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