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Book Writing Program

We help leaders and change-makers
create a better world through writing
the stories they were born to share--
stories of endurance and resilience,
transformation and empowerment 


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What’s unique about our book-writing program?

We use a holistic approach to writing.

We emphasize feminine ideals, elements and powers in the writing process.

We provide feedback that is generative and expansive, rather than constrictive and prescriptive.

We disrupt the patriarchal, masculine-driven approaches to writing.

We disrupt the sneaky ways that the traditional writing process can silence us.

We learn to lean into and soften around the obstacles and barriers that present themselves.

We embrace and explore the complexities of the human condition.

We value curiosity, wonder and not knowing as entry points to powerful writing.

We engage in an on-going process of expanding our understanding of the craft.

We offer a nine-month in-depth program, not a drive-through type of experience.

We believe our personal stories of transformation contribute to the betterment of the world.

Our Program Offers a Deep Dive Into . . .

Transformational Memoir

A Free Week of Webinars & Workshops

to Set Your Story Free

The Last Week of September

These are free offerings to experience innovative and whole approaches to set your story free--the story of your transformation and empowerment from facing a challenging life experience. We will identify and address common barriers that hold writers back. We will explore the possibilities around story selection, getting started, developing your ideas, establishing boundaries and finding your authentic voice. Come join us. It’s time to uncover how you can bring value and service to the world by owning and writing your story of transformation and empowerment.

Upcoming Dates:

September 26 – October 1, 2022

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