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Book Writing Program

We support the change-makers,
courageous souls who desire 

to create a better world,
to own and write their stories
of endurance and resilience,
transformation and empowerment.
You are the change-makers.
Without your truth,
progress and success are not possible


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What’s unique about our book-writing program?

We use a holistic approach to writing.

We emphasize feminine ideal and powers, especially in the developmental stages of the writing process.

We provide generative and expansive, rather than constructive and prescriptive, feedback.

We disrupt the sneaky ways that the traditional writing process can silence us.

We learn to lean into and soften around the obstacles and barriers that present themselves.

We embrace and explore the complexities of the human condition.

We value curiosity, wonder and not knowing as entry points to powerful writing.

We engage in an on-going process of expanding our understanding and practice of the craft.

We offer a twelve-month in-depth program, not a drive-through type of experience.

We believe our personal stories of transformation contribute to the betterment of the world.

Our Program Offers a Deep Dive Into . . .

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