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In Kim's Own Words. . .

Getting to Know Each Other. . .

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You’re here because you have a story to share.

But you're stuck.

You’re afraid of being seen for who you really are,

and you wonder about the value of your story.

You're not sure how to get started,

let alone how to focus and structure your story.


I'm here to tell you that you're not alone.

Over the past 30 years, I've supported more than 2,000 students and clients to write about their transformational life experiences. I've coached individuals, academics, professionals and entrepreneurs to share their expertise, without excluding themselves from the text.

I believe people crave the authentic connection, vulnerability and genuine hope that arises from truthfulness and transparency.

Our readers need more than preachiness and how-to lists. They want to deeply see and experience our journey, as a way of connecting with their own. They want us to invite them into our hearts, minds and souls. 


Our life stories change us.

Our written and shared stories change the world.


​“The Time is Now: Write Your Book,” a new online program, will support you to overcome obstacles and develop the confidence, capacities and organic plan to write the story you were born to share.


I support individuals to value the powerful writing possibilities from their own lived experiences. Innovative and holistic practices free us from limitations and empower us to write in alignment with our truth and highest values. Rather than a convenient drive-through type of experience, I invite clients to strive for depth and excellence. Our writing spaces are generative and transformational.

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Fun Facts . . .

  • Wellness Warrior Here.  I love green smoothies, yoga, Pilates, Peloton and meditation.  

  • Wife, Mom and Kiki.  David and I  have been married over 30 years. In our blended family, we have three adult daughters, a bonus Danish daughter who was our exchange student,  four grandsons and two granddaughters. 

  • My Happy Places?  Tucson or Sedona in the winter. Traverse City and Sleeping Bear Dunes in the summer.  

  • Crazy About Electric Bikes.   What's wrong with peddling, I responded to my husband's suggestion to buy electric bikes. Five minutes into my first ride,  I was a convert.  

  • Dark Roast Coffee and Dark Chocolate.  Not tea. Not milk chocolate. 

  • Unity In Diversity.  I celebrate diversity and strive to promote the oneness of the human family  in everything that I do. I am grateful for family members and friends from a wide variety of ethnic, class and religious backgrounds.

  • I Believe: The problems, challenges and calamities of one are  often shared by many. The healing and transformation of one can inspire the healing and transformation of all

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