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Coaching and Editing Services

Professional Coaching and Editing Services for Aspiring Authors. Explore this page for how we may collaborate together. 

Why hire a writing coach?

Most writers benefit from a long-term relationship with their writing coach while in the process of writing a book. Below are some of the things we may work on together according to your needs:

  • Identifying barriers and exploring solutions

  • Clarifying your purpose and focus

  • Developing your ideas 

  • Illustrating ideas and concepts with narratives

  • Exploring issues of authenticity, visibility and voice

  • Relying on dedication to truth and craft throughout revision

  • A full-range of editorial services with our team of experienced editors: line editing, copy editing and proofreading

  • Support with writing a cover letter and book proposal if you are seeking a mainstream publisher

  • Referral to hybrid-publishers if self-publishing

Your story matters

Let's talk

Let's write

One-on-one Coaching 


Editorial Services

With a dedicated focus on elevating your work to its highest potential, our editing services are tailored to provide comprehensive support and guidance, ensuring that your manuscript resonates with readers on a profound and impactful level.

  • Read and Review: We will assess your manuscript and provide objective insights and feedback on development, structure, and clarity matters.  The editors will also propose a revision and editing plan to transform your work so that it is ready to submit to your publisher. 

  • Developmental Edits: We will collaborate with you to dive deep and enhance your work. We will focus on development, structure, pacing, and style. We will work to add more narration and sensory details to create a memorable experience for your readers. 

  • Line Edits: A line editor will meet with you to understand your purpose and goals. Then the editor will refine your manuscript's structure to ensure seamless coherence and flow from start to finish. The editor will also cultivate a consistent and engaging writing style that aligns with your intended tone and audience, enhancing the overall reading experience.

  • Copy Edits: The copy editor will carefully examine and polish your manuscript for grammar, syntax, punctuation, and language consistency.

  • Fact-Checking and Research: The line or copy editor will also verify the accuracy of factual information and check references and citations to uphold the reliability and credibility of your book's content.

  • Final Proofreading: A proofreader will meticulously provide a final read of your manuscript to ensure that it is ready to submit to your publisher.

Our Editors

phyllis headshot square.jpg

Our Editing team, Janet and Phyllis are both wonderful and knowledgable people to work with.

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