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Write To Unite

Welcome to our online global community. We empower individuals to write their stories of growth and empowerment to meet the urgent needs for personal and collective awakening and transformation. Rather than an intellectually-dominant approach, we honor the body, mind and spirit. We write to expand our initial perceptions, discover deeper meanings and arrive at new truths to inspire and leave a legacy of healing, empowerment and unity.   

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Join our community


& Retreats 

Join a community of conscious and creative individuals to write and share transformational stories and engage in dialogue to contribute to the betterment of the world. Our live online gatherings include large and small group collaboration, writing practices, guest artists and speakers, and more.


Book-Writing Program

In this groundbreaking program, Kim Douglas guides participants through a transformational, contemplative, and strategic process to select a story or theme from their lived experience, free their voices, create a working framework, and rely on developmental strategies to craft an engaging manuscript. Our stories matter. Our conscious exploration of growing through trials and challenges are necessary to contribute to the rehabilitation and well-being of the world. 

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Inner Circle Coaching & Editing

Our inner circle option is for the individual who desires extra support and one-on-one coaching. Kim Douglas will work with you to develop your manuscript. A team of experienced editors will provide developmental, line, and copy editing. Proofreading services are also available. Schedule a free strategy call to determine your next steps.



Join our community.  Your story matters. 

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Arising would not have been written without the vision and support from Kim Douglas.  Her perspective, open-ended questions, and persistence were the driving force behind shaping, providing direction to, and developing the narrative.

Kevin Locke

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Your Story Matters.

Let's talk. 
Let's write. 


Grand Rapids, MI


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