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Write To Unite

Welcome to our online global community. We engage in holistic transformational processes to write the stories we were born to share -- authentic stories of individual, relationship and social transformation; stories that contribute to our healing, empowerment and unity. These are the stories that can inspire change and improve our world.

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Join our community


Transformational Writing Seminars & Retreats 

Join a community of conscious and creative individuals to write and share transformational stories and engage in dialogue to contribute to the betterment of the world. Membership includes a live monthly session, large and small group collaboration, two-way meditative writing sessions, guest artists and speakers, and more.


Online Book-Writing Program

In this groundbreaking program, Kim Douglas guides participants through a transformational and strategic process to select a story or theme from their lived experience, adopt a framework/structure and write a book. Our stories of transformation contribute to the rehabilitation and well-being of the world. 


Coaching And Editing

If life demands prevent you from partaking in the book writing program, or you simply prefer one-on-one coaching, Kim Douglas will work with you to develop your manuscript. A team of experienced editors will provide developmental, line and copy editing. Proofreading services are also available. Schedule a free strategy call to determine your next steps.


If you'd like to know what it's like to be part of this community and to work with Kim, read some of the glowing reviews below!

Kevin Locke

Arising would not have been written without the vision and support from Kim Douglas.  Her perspective, open-ended questions, and persistence were the driving force behind shaping, providing direction to, and developing the narrative.

Telisa Harrison

Kim has a way of encouraging writers to use their voices in a powerful way.  I am forever grateful for the wonderful writing workshop she facilitated that continues to inspire me to use my voice/writing for personal growth, healing and social change.

Jan Webber

Kim’s encouragement and competence have helped me draw upon the creativity and inspiration I needed to undertake my writing project.  Knowing she will be there to guide and shape my work helps me to focus on getting ideas out of my head and into a workable format.

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Calendar of Events

Online Writer's Retreat

Writing for Publication

September 30


1-5 pm, EST

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Grand Rapids, MI


616 - 581 - 7554



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