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Do I need to be an experienced writer to take this transformational writing program?

Everyone has significant life stories to share that can make a difference for others. We welcome everyone who wants to write a book and needs support to make it happen. More experienced writers seeking fresh and innovative approaches will find value here.  The beginner writer will discover the joy of empowering practices and realize the value of their stories. Many writers work with a writing coach or an editor to receive additional support. Our online Facebook community will provide additional encouragement and support.


What kind of writing style will this program focus on?

We focus on nonfiction – memoir, autobiography, personal essay, research and informational writing.  For professionals who wish to convey significant information about their expertise, please note that you will be advised to presence yourself in the writing. Research and information alone are not sufficient to capture the hearts and minds of your readers.  Remaining invisible, leaving out your own personal narrative, is not an option in these days when people are seeking connection and transparency.


How far along with my idea and writing do I need to be?

You are welcome to enroll whether you are uncertain about what to write, not sure where to begin, have outlined the whole book or have written part of it.


Can I just enroll in the digital course instead of both the course and coaching?

There are three options to enroll in this program.  You can purchase the basic digital course by itself, the Mastery Program that includes coaching, or the Inner Circle Program that includes 3 private strategizing sessions. For individuals who are serious about moving forward and writing a book, I recommend the Mastery or Inner Circle Program. Support and collaboration are key ingredients to fulfilling our goals and dreams.


How do I register for the coaching sessions and the private strategy sessions?

Registration is required for these sessions and will be available on the private course portal when the program begins in September 2021.


 What if I can’t make the group coaching sessions?

Group coaching sessions are offered twice a month.  You will receive a few different time options to increase the likelihood that these valuable sessions work in your schedule. If you miss a session, you will have access to the recordings.


How is the course content delivered?

This is a 9-module program. You’ll have access to the Prep Work and Module One on September 13, 2021, when the program officially begins. We recommend you follow along as modules are released.  However, the course is self-paced and can go through the modules on your own timeframe.  You’ll receive login details to the private course portal.  Alongside the video lessons, you will receive guided meditations, mindfulness practices, somatic exercises, and practices to support your writing process.  You’ll also be part of our community Facebook group. 


How long will I be able to access the online course and modules?

You will have lifetime access to the digital content


Will we learn about marketing and methods of publishing?

The primary purpose of this program is to support you to acquire the patterns of action, skills and belief to take your ideas into the realm of writing.  You will establish new writing patterns that make sense for your particular life, develop a strategic plan, generate writing momentum and make significant progress towards completing a manuscript.  At a later time, we may offer a workshop or in-depth classes about marketing and methods of publishing.


What makes this program unique?

This is a progressive program that includes holistic approaches to writing, provides tools to shift participants from writing from the mind and ego to writing from the heart and soul.  We include mindfulness and meditation. We connect with the Divine.  We honor both our masculine and feminine energies, giving more emphasis to the sorely neglected feminine.  We provide empowering, safe and brave learning spaces. We believe the most powerful writing emerges when we honor the body, mind and spirit.


What if I don’t complete a full manuscript in six months?

For those who engage in the module-only learning process, you may find that you need the support of our coaching or inner circle program. Additional times to enroll will be provided throughout the year.  For those who enrolled in the coaching or inner circle program, you will have the option to renew the coaching or private strategy sessions portion of the course until you complete your manuscript. 


What is the refund policy?

There is a no-questions-asked refund policy 10-days from purchase.  If you change your mind about the program, we will refund you 100%.  We offer this refund policy because it’s fair and simple to understand. If you contact us more than 10-days after your purchase, we don’t offer refunds.

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