Write the Story You Were Born to Share


Write the Story You Were Born to Share
Inspiration, Writing and Sharing

I’m offering this one-day writing retreat on January 14 with the intention of creating a transformational space to guide participants into a deeper level of creativity, whole writing practices, outside-the-box learning and sourcing from our innermost and divine being. 


Unhealed and unfulfilled tensions reside in us when we fear and avoid the call to share our story and offer the wisdom we have acquired through our lived experience. We birth disappointment rather than pages of our manuscript when we go yet another year without moving in the direction of our dreams.  


This is why I have created a 1-Day writing retreat to mobilize us into action at the start of 2023.   


Imagine the empowerment and joy you will feel celebrating that you honored the call to write and share your story—the story only you can tell, the story of your transformation and empowerment. 


Our community is unique. I am intentional about creating a generative space that disrupts traditional practices that so often silence and shut down both women and men. I will provide  power practices to uncover the deeper story living inside of you, to inspire you to write to discover rather than prove, and to support you to reveal your truth from your most healed and enlightened center.  Together, we will cultivate a sense of playfulness with elements of the writing craft rather than rigidity. 

In our upcoming retreat we will explore the following: 

  • How and where do we start?

  • How do we unleash our creativity and deal with ego tendencies and our inner critic?

  • How to lovingly release patterns of invisibility--silencing and disappearing ourselves?

  • How do we write about difficulties and tragedies without retraumatizing ourselves?

  • How can we shift from mind-dominated writing to creating from our body and soul?

  • What are some cutting-edge practices that lead to producing pages of writing?

  • How do we unravel the mysteries and complexities?

  • How do we sustain our writing practice outside the retreat setting? 


If you find yourself sighing in frustration because you have been hoping to get to writing your story but finding yourself distracted by other commitments, procrastinating or doubting your capacities, know that you’re not alone. 


By taking part in the Writing Retreat you can begin the process of writing your story, learn practices that will support you to produce pages of writing, and receive the encouragement and guidance to continue on after the retreat ends.  


When we write the story we are born to share, we develop new understandings and insight about our own capacities and our resilience. We discover how writing enables us to come to clearer and more empowered understandings of our trials and how our trials shape us, develop our capacities, increase our wisdom and contribute to our destiny and service in the world. 


Your life matters.  Your story matters.  I invite you to honor your dream to write and join us.

Whether you’ve been worrying about

who would want to read your story,

what story or book to write,

how to get started

and develop your ideas,

or making the time

in your full life - 

don't let another year go by 

without writing the story 

only you can tell.

Event Details

Price is $250.
Registration closes January 2, 2022.

 Retreat Schedule

Saturday January 14, 2023

9 am - 5 pm PDT

We will identify patterns of invisibility--silencing and disappearing ourselves in the writing process and explore practices to uncover our most authentic voice, dive deep into the story beneath the story, and explore bending traditional structures.


Over the past 30 years, I've supported more than 2,000 students and clients to write about their transformational life experiences. I've coached individuals, academics, professionals and entrepreneurs to share their expertise, without excluding themselves from the text.

I support individuals to value the powerful writing possibilities from their own lived experiences. Innovative and holistic practices free us from limitations and empower us to write in alignment with our truth and highest values. Rather than a convenient drive-through type of experience, I invite clients to strive for depth and excellence. Our writing spaces are generative and transformational.