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Write the Book You Were Born to Create


Write the Book You Were Born to Create
A Free Week of Webinars & Workshops
9/25 - 10/1/22

The Time is Now to Set Your Story Free, Dive Deep,

Express Your Authentic Voice and Step into Visibility. The Time is Now to Write Your Story of Transformation & Empowerment. . . .the Story Only You Can Write.

Whether you’ve been worrying about

who would want to read your story,

what story or book to write,

how to get started

and develop your ideas,

and making the time

in your full life,



MEANS  . . .


Owning your story. Brene Brown, best-selling author and researcher, states that owning our story is the bravest thing we can do. Writing is a powerful way to OWN your story.


Serving your network, communities and the world. Everyone undergoes challenges, adversities and dark nights of the soul. These trials transform us. We gain invaluable insights and wisdom. We develop resilience. Writing our stories is a way to transform suffering into service.


Rediscovering the Value of Your Lived Experience. When we let go of perfectionism and some of the traditional methods of writing, and embrace writing as an exploratory process, a journey, a deep dive into our essence, writing transforms us just as much as the lived experience we are writing about.

September Transformation Writing Café

Write the Story You Were Born to Create:

Writers Share Their Experiences

Sunday 9/25

3 pm est

90 minutes


Live Webinar #1

Shift from Stuck, Silenced & Hiding

to Writing with Voice & Visibility

Monday 9/26

Noon est

30 minutes


Live Webinar #2

Who Would Want to Read This Anyway?

How to Let Go of These & Other Hijacks.

Tuesday 9/27

Noon est

30 minutes



Live Webinar #3

Shift from Listening to Your Inner Critic

to Softening Around Your Authenticity

Wednesday 9/28

Noon est

30 minutes



Live 30-Minute Webinar #4

Trauma, Trials & Tribulations

Writing with Perspective

& Avoiding Lawsuits

Thursday 9/29

Noon est

30 minutes



Writer’s Workshop #1

Select & Develop Your Story:

Objects & Moments

Friday 9/30

3 pm eastern



Writer’s Workshop #2

Transformational Structures

Saturday 10/1

3 pm eastern

90 minutes


Over the past 30 years, I've supported more than 2,000 students and clients to write about their transformational life experiences. I've coached individuals, academics, professionals and entrepreneurs to share their expertise, without excluding themselves from the text.

I support individuals to value the powerful writing possibilities from their own lived experiences. Innovative and holistic practices free us from limitations and empower us to write in alignment with our truth and highest values. Rather than a convenient drive-through type of experience, I invite clients to strive for depth and excellence. Our writing spaces are generative and transformational.

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